Join my team

I am looking for people to join my Herbalife team. I am in the process of expanding my Herbalife business, and if you are looking for a nice part time income to supplement your current one, or more time to spend with your family, or even to replace your current income, then you'd be perfect for my team!

The one thing I've learned since joining Herbalife is that the support we all get from our sponsors is nothing short of amazing. I work with my sponsor almost on a daily basis to build my business, and my promise to you is that whatever goals you might have, I'll be there to teach and guide you every step of the way to achieve those goals!

So, if you want to make R1500 per month extra or R20 000, AND you're willing to put in the hard work necessary to achieve that, send me an email, then I'll tell you everything you want to know!