Monday, 12 January 2015

Something to be grateful for

In October last year, my son finally joined this world. That means he's currently just over 3 months old. It is usually around this time that the parents return to work, and sit with the conundrum of either getting a nanny or putting your baby into creche.

When I look at my boy, my heart totally breaks at the thought of leaving him with strangers for a full day, only to come back from work, spending maybe an hour or two with him, and then putting him to bed.

If you don't have children, what you just read above probably doesn't mean a lot, but if you do, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!

I always hear about people saying that it's a privilege to be able to work around your children and be there as they grow up - and now I truly understand what they mean by that. Yes, I have started working again today, but I'm at home, and my boy is just in the other room having breakfast at the moment.

It's an enormously special thing to be able to not miss anything as your child grows up, and if it wasn't for Herbalife that crossed paths with me just over 3 years ago, and supplementing my freelance income, I would probably have been one of those parents who had to leave for some job every day and basically miss my boy's special moments.

I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to work from home, as does my wife - and one day our boy will be one of those kids who can say that his parents were there as he was growing up - this is awesome indeed!