Sunday, 26 October 2014

Herbalife Enhanced Marketing Plan

As I've mentioned before, the Herbalife product range is nothing short of brilliant. Having such excellent products at our disposal, we, as Herbalife members, can make a really good income - either part time (which I'm currently doing) to supplement your current income, or full time and achieve career level incomes!

In the last couple of months Herbalife has again enhanced the marketing plan. The marketing plan is basically the compensation plan for anyone doing the business - how we make money. As with other MLM companies, there are certain levels in this marketing plan (just as there are in any conventional business).

Joining Herbalife as a Member entitles you to order your products directly from the company at a discount. There are no minimum orders that you must place, and the discounts are quite substantial. You start at a 25% discount, and can work yourself up to 35%, 42% and ultimately 50%.

Moving up in this marketing plan has to do with two things - how many products you purchase (either to use yourself or to sell in the marketplace) and sponsoring others into the business to do the same.

The enhancements I mentioned earlier entails the 35%, 42% and 50% discount levels.

Firstly, and this is one that really excited me the most, is that you can start earning commission at the 35% level now - it used to be only from 42% and 50%, but the company has now opened commissions up at the 35% level as well! That's an extremely sweet deal, because getting to the 35% level is not only easy (in the line of 5 - 7 customers who bought from you in one month, including your own products), it is also one you will stay at forever once you've reached it! Commission is based on the difference between your 35% discount, and people you've sponsored at 25% discount - that 10% gets paid to you as commission (aka passive income!).

Next, it has become easier to reach the 42% level, as well as the 50% level - basically the company is putting a greater emphasis on sponsoring other people into the business - either as club customers who buys their products at a discount, or people who actually want to sell products and sponsor others to make some money. Their activities now has a greater chance to help you reach the higher levels yourself!

Additional enhancements are various money back and buy back guarantees the company now has - this is really a revolutionary thing to make it basically risk-free to get into the business. After purchasing your member pack, you can get your money back within 90 days if you decide it's not for you.

What's more is that any products you bought and didn't use/sell, the company will buy back from you within 12 months after purchasing it.

All of these terms and conditions are made very clear when you become a member.

In South Africa, it costs less than R500 to join as a Herbalife Member, and if you think on what kind of income you can potentially build for yourself with that little investment, it's definitely something to consider if you want to make some extra money, or even lots of extra money!