Saturday, 17 May 2014

Becoming a Herbalife member

Herbalife has been around now for over 30 years, and the company is better than ever. The products are excellent, and to become a member is so easy and has many great perks! There is also very little risk involved. This is something that a lot of people don't realise.

In South Africa, it costs less than R500 to become a Herbalife Member, but what's great is that the company gives you a 90 day money back guarantee. If you decided to join as member, and for whatever reason decide it's not for you, you can get your sign up costs reimbursed within in 90 days of signing up.

The company even allows you to return any unsold products purchased in the last 12 month period if you have decided to cancel your membership.

There are two kinds of people who want to become a Herbalife member:

1. Members

A member just wants to purchase his/her products directly from Herbalife at a discount. This discount starts at 25%, and goes up to 50%, depending on how much you buy.

Members can also have a few customers and make some profit by supplying those customers with product - BUT, this is entirely optional - you DO NOT have to sell products to be a Herbalife member.

2. Distributors

Distributors join Herbalife for the excellent business opportunity it gives. After all, with great products comes a great business opportunity - and the products are consumable - that means once the customer has consumed the product, he/she will feel so great on it, chances are very high they'll reorder!

Distributors make money FIRST by supplying customers with a service and a product. Secondly, the company will compensate distributors who help people either by sponsoring them to join as members, or sponsoring them to join up and do it as a business.

This gets paid out in the form of commissions, royalties, bonuses and even other promotions like holidays!

How to get started

It's very easy to sign up as a Herbalife member, be it to just buy your own products at a discount, supply a few friends and family for some extra holiday money, or even to do it as a full time career level business!


Simply visit this link:

At the top, select your country. (the link above will select South Africa by default)

Next, where it says "Sponsor's Herbalife ID Number*" - enter my Herbalife ID Number there, which is 46278882. (you can only become a member if someone sponsors you, in this case, it's me :)

The next line asks for "First 3 Letters of Sponsor's Last Name*" - type in "van" there, since my surname is "van der Walt" :)

And lastly, on the line that says "Purchased an International Business Pack (IBP) from your Sponsor?*" - select "No" there, since you have not bought a IBP from me.

This will take you to the online contract, and simply follow the onscreen instructions. If at any time you need help, feel free to contact me (my contact details are on the right hand side of this blog)

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

How to get results by using the Herbalife products

I tried all my life to lose weight, but I always did it kinda on my own. I always attempted something or another, be it exercising, going on weird diets or just cutting calories. Nothing worked, and now I know why. There are a few fundamental concepts you need to know about before you attempt to lose weight.

Firstly, it's not really losing weight.

What is weight?

That is how much the sum of your parts, so to speak, weigh. But, the important thing is what those parts are. For example, does your actual weight consist out of more muscle and less fat, or more fat and less muscle, or lots of fat and lots of muscle, or a too little of both. How much is water? What about your bone?

This picture explains it quite nicely:

You see, both these guys weigh the same, and have the same BMI (more on this later), but look at the big difference between them.

So, if you want to lose weight, understand WHAT it is that you want to lose. Healthy weight loss is about losing FAT, and not muscle, in fact, you want to gain muscle!

When you go to a clothing store to buy a pair of jeans, you don't browse in the 60-65kg rack, that doesn't exist! You look at the SIZE of the jeans, not how much weight it can take. For example, you'll buy a size 8 or 10 jeans, not a 55kg or 60kg jeans.

Keep this in mind, you say you want to lose weight, but in actual fact, you want to drop body fat percentage, and raise muscle mass. That is the key to healthy weight loss.

So, if you have one of these:

For the love of all things decent, throw it away! NOW!! It cannot accurately tell you what results you are getting, no matter which eating or exercise plan you're following. Rather get one of these:

A measuring tape is a much better way to measure your results than a scale that simply measures weight. And here is where you can measure yourself once a week to track your results:

When I lost weight, I lost all over my body - my wife even had to buy me a new wedding ring! My big sausage fingers turned into normal fingers, and I almost lost my ring a couple of times because it just started slipping off!

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about:

Calories/Kilo joules

Calories and Kilo joules are both measurements for energy, and we use those to values to see how much energy we are getting from the food we eat. Most labels on food products out there has an indication of how much calories or kilo joules the said item has, usually per 100 grams and per serving (and it will specify how big a serving is).

Some labels have calories, others have kilo joules - to convert from one to the other is easy - for a more or less value, to convert calories to kilo joules, simply multiply it by 4. For a bit more accurate figure, multiply by 4.2. Calories is always the smaller number of the two.

Why are these figures important you might think? Well, it's quite simple really - your body burns a certain amount of energy each day. The energy it burns comes from the food we eat. If you take in more calories than what you're burning, you will gain weight. Take in the same amount, and you'll maintain your weight. Take in less and you'll lose weight. I'm sure you can now see why this is an important number.

Basal Metabolic Rate - how much calories or kilo joules your body burns per day at rest

Your Basal Metabolic Rate, or BMR, is the amount of calories or kilo joules your body burns at rest. And when I say "rest", I literally mean how much energy you would burn in a 24 hour period of you only slept. Now, this value is different for different people. A lot of factors comes into play, things like your muscle mass, how tall you are and of course your gender.

The only way to get an accurate number for this is to do some kind of body analysis measurement. Generally speaking though, for guys it's around 1800 - 2200 calories per day, and for ladies 1400 - 1600 calories per day. But please, these are just averages, you might be a very short thin lady, and your BMR might be around 1100 calories. You might be a 2 meter tall guy made of pure muscle, with a BMR of 2800 calories. Best way to get the actual reading is to do a body analysis.

Why is this an important number - well, the idea is, if you want to lose weight, take in a little bit less calories than your BMR. The trick though, isn't to just look at calories. Our body needs nutrients after all, to function properly. By just cutting calories, yes sure you will lose weight, but you want to make sure you're losing the right kind of weight - and that is body fat. The last thing you want is to lose muscle mass.

If you just cut calories, and do not give your body the right nutrients in the calories you do consume, you will have a bad time. Firstly you'll be hungry all the time - your body will be like "FEED ME, FEED ME!!" and you either don't or give it the wrong stuff. Secondly, although you might lose weight, it may just be that you're losing muscle.


Protein is by far one of the most important macro nutrients our body needs for proper function. It's not just for people who hits the gym everyday to bulk up - everyone needs protein. Protein breaks down into essential amino acids, and those are basically the fuel that our body needs on a cellular level. If you don't get in enough protein, your body needs to find it somewhere, that's why it will basically start self-cannibalizing, eating away at your muscle to get the protein it needs. And most people are happy, because the scale says they're losing weight...

Protein comes from lots of sources - most people think that it only comes from meat and dairy - it does come from those things, but you get plant based protein as well. The most popular source of plant based protein is Soy. You also get protein from stuff like nuts, beans and legumes.

Each person needs a specific amount of protein per day, but generally speaking it's between 75 and 100 gram for ladies, and 100 and 125 grams for guys. Again, these figures might vary, depending on your height and current weight, etc.

Get enough protein, and your body is well fed on a cellular level. It's unfortunately not completely that simple. For example, get in your protein by eating steak, you are also getting in a lot of bad fat and cholesterol too! Enjoy some eggs (because they're a good source of protein), but eat the yellows as well, again you're getting fat and cholesterol.

The trick is to get in enough protein everyday, but to also keep your calories low - lower than your BMR. If you can achieve this, you will lose body fat, and sometimes that naturally causes you to lose weight on the regular old scale as well.

How Herbalife helps

A Herbalife healthy meal is a great way to go about losing weight. It's as simple as substituting two main meals with a healthy Herbalife meal smoothie, having some healthy snacks in between (with protein of course) and a healthy main meal (think in the line of lean meat, like chicken or turkey, and nice vegetables). Not only is Herbalife high in protein (18 grams per serving), it also has tons of awesome nutrition like vitamins and minerals and fiber as well.

Herbalife is, simply put, high in nutrition, and low in calories. One smoothie is only about 220 calories (depends on how you prepare it of course) - as you can see, that leaves plenty of calories for the rest of the day - for example, if you're a woman and need to take in 1200 calories per day, that's no easy task without Herbalife, but add two healthy smoothies, and you are only down about 450 calories for the day. Have two 100-150 calorie snacks, which leaves a good 450 or so calories over for your main meal.

I love having Herbalife shakes every day, they are filling, taste great, are easy to prepare, and is a great product to ensure that I get my protein and nutritional goals sorted for each day.

As a proud Herbalife coach, I like helping others with their nutritional goals, be it losing weight, gaining weight, or just being healthy. Feel free to contact me, no matter where you are, if you need help and advice. You can find my contact details on the side column of this blog. If you're in the general Cape Town area, I will even come out to see you at your home or place of work. I would love to help you reach your goals!