Monday, 2 September 2013

Herbalife 24 - the best of the best

I have raved on numerous times about how awesome Herbalife is, including the Herbalife 24 range. Just recently someone tried to "recruit" me into their company, targeting me because I'm a Herbalife distributor. I politely declined - now, I don't have anything against other MLM companies, it's just that Herbalife is more to me than just a company. It was the first and ONLY thing to ever help me lose weight - 16kg in total. Also, since my wife has been using the products, she's seen a huge difference, especially with her IBS (used to get hectic cramps and stomach pains from eating regular things, like bread or pasta - not pleasant at all!) , and she also managed to lose 15kg and shape up completely. Results like that are life changing, believe me, and I will never leave Herbalife for ANY other company or business. So, thanks, but no thanks!

Anyway, check out this cool video about Todd Pratt, a former NFL strength coach confirming how awesome Herbalife 24 is:

Good enough for him, and all the other athletes taking it - good enough for you and me! Order Herbalife 24 and see for yourself!