Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Herbalife Joint Support Testimonial

Herbalife has an excellent product called Joint Support, which helps a great deal for joint pain and stiffness. My dad, who is turning 70 in July, has had two knee replacements, but also have started to experience some wrist pain due to some arthritis - I sent him some Joint Support, and he says it actually helps him a great deal! He's on his 3rd tub now :)

Anyway, Cynthia Morton also raves about what Joint Support has done for her, and she was kind enough to  give me her testimonial:
Being 58 years old and not nearly old enough to retire, being an extremely energetic and busy person, having to get up early for a stressful but enjoyable job and travelling the length and breadth of the Western Cape, I’ve needed something really reliable, strong, that definitely works, that shows instant results, and that is easy to take …… for those joints that are now stiffening up (everything takes you by surprise when you turn 55!).  My wrists particularly are losing strength and the ankles are definitely complaining about all the athletics, hockey, walking, gymming and general strain I put on myself in my youth when I thought high-impact aerobic exercise was the be-all and end-all of my existence!!
 I was introduced to Herbalife’s Joint Support and I am forever grateful!  What a difference this has made to me in every way –  one tablet a day keeps those leg cramps away, I virtually run up stairs these days  and can carry a heavy laptop bag, books and a suitcase when I’m travelling – all due to Joint Support’s tremendous effect of lubricating my joints and making me feel 40 again !!    I can highly recommend this product, as well as many of the other Herbalife products which my husband and I have been introduced to   ..…. The entire range  is superb and WORKS! 
 Herbalife certainly stands by their mission of improving your quality of life!
 Cynthia Morton, 58 and proud of it!
If you want to improve your overall joint health, have a look at Herbalife Joint Support, it's a superb product!

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