Thursday, 19 July 2012

Herbalife Countries: An International Business

If you didn't know this already, Herbalife is an International Business, and they do business in more than 80 countries world wide!

The other nice thing, is once you're signed up as a Herbalife Distributor, you can sponsor other people into the business in any of the other countries, and start earning in US Dollars and Euros as well!

Here is the growing list of countries in which Herbalife operates in:
  1. Argentina
  2. Armenia
  3. Aruba
  4. Australia
  5. Austria
  6. Belarus
  7. Belgium
  8. Bolivia
  9. Bosnia & Hercegovina
  10. Botswana
  11. Brazil
  12. Bulgaria
  13. Canada
  14. Chile
  15. China
  16. Columbia
  17. Costa Rica
  18. Croatia
  19. Cyprus
  20. Czech Republic
  21. Denmark
  22. Dominican Rep.
  23. Ecuador
  24. El Salvador
  25. Estonia
  26. Finland
  27. France
  28. Georgia
  29. Germany
  30. Ghana
  31. Greece
  32. Guatemala
  33. Honduras
  34. Hong Kong
  35. Hungary
  36. Iceland
  37. India
  38. Indonesia
  39. Ireland
  40. Israel
  41. Italy
  42. Jamaica
  43. Japan
  44. Kazakhstan
  45. Korea (South)
  46. Kyrgyzstan
  47. Latvia
  48. Lebanon
  49. Lesotho
  50. Lithuania
  51. Macau
  52. Macedonia
  53. Malaysia
  54. Mexico
  55. Moldova
  56. Mongolia
  57. Namibia
  58. Netherlands
  59. New Zealand
  60. Nicaragua
  61. Norway
  62. Panama
  63. Paraguay
  64. Peru
  65. Philippines
  66. Poland
  67. Portugal
  68. Puerto Rico
  69. Romania
  70. Russia 
  71. Serbia
  72. Singapore
  73. Slovakia
  74. Slovenia
  75. South Africa
  76. Spain
  77. Swaziland
  78. Sweden
  79. Switzerland
  80. Taiwan
  81. Thailand
  82. Trinidad and Tobago
  83. Turkey
  84. Ukraine
  85. United Kingdom
  86. United States
  87. Uruguay
  88. Venezuela
  89. Vietnam
  90. Zambia
Not too shabby that you can expand to any of those countries when joining Herbalife - and to think, I joined in September 2011, and back then there were only 79 countries if I remember correctly - so the company is ever expanding!

Now is the best time to become a Herbalife distributor - let me know if you're interested! Email me by clicking here if you're interested, or want more info!

Customer Testimonial: Maria

I heard about Herbalife the first time at a weight loss challenge, to which my wife dragged me. After doing really well on that, we decided to become wellness coaches ourselves, and started helping out with these challenge.

In the beginning of the year, we started a weight loss challenge, and one of the ladies that joined have had such amazing results, that she has written this very nice testimonial:

"My mom died in March 2007.  Within 14 months I’d gained 6 kg and 6 months later a further 4 kg.  And the kg continued to pile on especially after the man in my life for over 13 years passed away as well.  Hmmm... yes,  emotional eating caused my weight gain.

In January this year I finally decided that the extra 26kg I was toting around had to go!  I noticed an ad on FaceBook about a Weight Loss Challenge and decided to follow up.  I’m so glad I did! 

I signed up on 18 January 2012 at week 2 of the challenge and 11 weeks later I was 14 kg lighter and had lost 58cm overall, measured in 6 different spots.  Yay!!! By following the guidelines offered by the coaches every week, and encouraged by the camaraderie of the other participants, I’d successfully shed more than half my intended weight loss, despite being in my late sixties .  And it was so easy... no counting of calories, no weighing of food... merely sensible eating with lots of protein that literally appeared to melt away my rolls of adipose tissue.  

I write this testimonial on 19 April 2012... a mere 13 weeks/3 months since I started my transformation and to date I’ve lost 15.1 kg. 

Thank you, Desiree, Geoff and Kurt (the team at the Rondebosch Weight Loss Challenge), and thank you Rudi and Natalie for placing that ad.  I appreciate the ongoing support of all of you.

Update 5 July 2012:  Yesterday was a happy 4th of July for me, because I completed my second challenge with very gratifying results.  I was absolutely blown away by my improved Tanita readings.  BTW these free readings, an assessment of body composition, played a vital role in my success – the analysis at the start of each challenge highlighted my many problem areas while the readings at the end gauged the effectiveness of my journey in the programme.

And what a journey it’s been!  In 24 weeks my body fat % has gone from 38.9% (obese) to 30.7% (healthy for women aged 60+).  My visceral fat which was 12 (bad) has dropped to 8 (healthy).  This has greatly reduced my risk of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.  I even scored with my physique rating - down from 'solidly-built' in the obese range to 'standard' which is in the middle of the normal range.  The most amazing reading, though, was my metabolic age which has reduced to 39, which is 30 years less than my chronological age!

And my weight loss?  Ta da... I’ve lost 22.6kg in 24 weeks!  Thank you, thank you, thank you Herbalife for  being instrumental in bringing me back to health.  Even though I still intend to lose another 3.5kg in order to bring my BMI (Body Mass Index) to within a normal range, I know that it will be easy.  I’ll continue to substitute Herbalife protein shakes for 2 meals a day, enjoy a few cups daily of Herbalife instant herbal tea,  and follow the guidelines taught to me in the Rondebosch Weight Loss Challenge regarding my main meal and snacks.

I’m now inspired to help others achieve a better quality of life and intend to assist as a coach at a challenge in the Peninsula.  The journey continues..." - Maria

And here's Maria's before and after shot:

As you can see, she almost melted away! I'm very proud to have been able to help Maria lose her 20+kg - it's another small reason why Herbalife is so great, you get to help people transform like this!

And... I'm back

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I posted, so sorry for the delay from my side. My Herbalife business has grown very nicely since I last posted.

I'm happy to report that since March 2012, I've averaged over R2000 extra per month passive (passive income is money you get for not doing anything for it), that obviously doesn't include any direct sales I made!

I'm still only doing my Herbalife business on a part time basis (maybe 5-10 hours a week or so).

I have also once again experienced how great these products are! In June, I turned 30 and with that came lots of eating and indulging! Needless to say, I gained a kilo or two :(

But, I'm extremely happy to report that I've been good these last few days, and within 4 days I got myself back down to the weight I was before the festivities! All I did, to restore the whole equilibrium hehe, was replace all my meals for the last 3 days with the Herbalife Shakes, and that definitely did the trick, I'm back to my 16kg mark again!

This to me is absolutely priceless - in the past, gaining weight over a short period of time was a much more permanent thing, but now, thanks to Herbalife, I don't have to hold back when I don't want to, I know exactly how to fix it.