Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Earn Passive Income with Herbalife

Society in general has taught us to get a good education, then get a job, and retire after that. I was very fortunate to grow up in a house where my parents worked from home (we had a guest farm in Colesberg, South Africa) - this was where I learned that I will never have the desire to work for someone else, and naturally that means that I now have my own little freelance web design business.

I did try to work for a boss back in 2005, but it sucked so much that I resigned after only 5 months (plus the guy I worked for paid me next to nothing!).

A very short while after school I read Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad - and boy did that change my way of thinking about money and income! He introduced me to the concept of passive income. That is the kind of income you earn whether you work, or not.

A very simple example is having property, and then renting out that property. You don't have to be at the property every day in order to get your rent in, if you have good tenants, you'll get your rent on a monthly basis no matter what.

Robert Kiyosaki taught me about the cash-flow quadrant, it's basically this thing that is divided into four sections, the two on the left are the E and S quadrants, and the two on the right are the I and B quadrants.

E stands for employee - this means you have a job, and are working to make someone else money.

S stands for self-employed - this is where you have your own business, but instead of employing people, you'd rather "do it yourself", because "if you want it to be done right, better do it yourself".

I stands for investor - if you have money you can invest it, and in that way earn a return on your investment.

B stands for business owner - this is where you have a business, but employ smart people to do the work. In other words, you should be able to go away for a few months, and when you get back, the business must be stronger and doing better without any help from you.

So, the people who are the E's and S's, they only earn Active Income - if they lose their job, or take a 3 week holiday, the don't get any income. As for the I's and B's, they earn income whether they're working or not.

I'm now going to focus a bit on the B section of the cash-flow quadrant. Owning a business.

There are of course lots of businesses you can get into, like franchises for example. But the one I want to talk about now is a multi-level marketing business. Herbalife is pretty much (in my opinion) the best example of an MLM business.

How MLM businesses work is, instead of selling their products through shop, you can only buy it through distributors. Herbalife chose this way of promoting their amazing product range for one good reason - Herbalife products are life changing products (trust me, I know - I lost just over 16kg, and my wife, coincidentally, 16kg as well!) - so it is only natural that they want their products to be brought in the market place by the people who use the products on a daily basis.

As for the multi-level marketing part, in Herbalife you can sell the products, but you can also have people in your downline do the same. Herbalife then compensates you for the efforts the people below you put in, which is of course only fair.

The income potential with Herbalife is pretty much only limited to your imagination. And it is a known fact that the MLM business model has made more millionaires on this planet than any other business model. The best part is, you can even earn passive income from doing Herbalife part time, like I am at the moment. Below is a list of all of my checks since March 2012 to July 2012 - not bad at all!

I am looking for people who'd like to duplicate me, I'm averaging a good R2500 - R3500 per month extra, with not a lot of effort - if you would also like to earn some good extra income, please visit this website: - the Herbalife business opportunity might just be the thing for you. They really have an amazing product range, that changes lives!