Saturday, 5 May 2012

I've made some money already!

I guess everyone's first concern when joining a business like Herbalife is if they're actually going to make money - I also thought that in the beginning!

We initially joined to get the 25% discount on the products, and our first sale happened automatically - no efforts from my side - all I literally did was talk about my results (getting amazing results on the products will lead to you automatically talking about it, that I promise you!).

So in my second week of being a distributor, I already made like R150! Not too shabby for something I never intended to do. Obviously as my results improved, I talked more and more about it to my friends and family, and not long after that I made closer to R1000 by selling them some products!

When I decided on doing Herbalife as an actual business, I got myself to the 42% discount level, and were making even more from my retail sales, which made me smile more and more hehe...

In February I had my first people join (one just to buy the products for himself at the 25% discount, and the other one to actually do the business) - and low and behold, in March I made my first passive income! It was R174 - now, that doesn't sound like much, but I didn't do much to make that money.

March turned out to be an awesome month, I signed up more people for the discount, did lots of retail sales to very happy customers, and in April, my passive income check was all of a sudden R3112.13 See:

That was on top of the more or less R3000 in retail profits I made in March!

So, my March efforts banked me just over R6000 - AND I'M STILL DOING IT PART TIME!!!

I am a computer nerd, and not a very outgoing person, so my first thoughts were that I would never be able to do sales, but with Herbalife it's just a lot easier than everyone thinks!

Give me a shout if you want to make yourself some extra money as well. What would an extra R1000-R2000 per month mean for you? Or maybe an extra R10000 perhaps? More?? Very possible with this business!

Phone me (Rudi) on 079 935 8433, or drop me an email if you're interested in getting your own piece of the pie!